Veganism and plant-based diets are on the rise, but one of the most common reasons people go back to an Omnivorous diet is because they find being plant-based too restrictive and challenging to maintain. Can this be solved by eating veg-friendly junk food? Maybe, maybe not. But, if you’re considering adopting a plant-based diet and wondering what you can munch on when you want to enjoy some snacks, we took a crack at listing the five best snack foods that you might not have realized don’t contain any animal products.

Sour Patch Kids

An all-time favorite candy for movie-goers, Sour Patch Kids do not contain any animal products in them at all. Soft and chewy candies will often contain gelatin, which is most commonly derived from by-products of the leather and meat industries using cattle or pork skin and bones. Kinda gross when you think about it. Sour Patch Kids don’t use any gelatin though, so feel free to get them stuck in your teeth when you want a sweet and sour candy to chew on.

Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili

Is a good TV binge really complete without a soda and some chips? And what chip is better than the flavor-bomb that makes Doritos stand above the rest? The Spicy Sweet Chili flavor (purple bag) is a Thai-inspired sweet/heat combination, but turned up to a level that only Doritos can attain. Most flavored chips contain milk products in them, including the more traditional Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese Doritos flavors. Spicy Sweet Chili is free and clear of milk products though, so be sure to add them to your plant-based junk food rotation.

Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Flavors

First launched in 2016, Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy ice creams are all 100% certified Vegan and offer a wide-range of flavors to choose from, including the recently added crowd favorite: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Top flavors include Caramel Almond Brittle, Cherry Garcia, and Chunky Monkey. The Non-Dairy flavors have all the familiar add-ins that Ben & Jerry’s is known for, all of which are also vegan. The ease of finding these pints at virtually any grocery store, as well as the rich and creamy texture that rivals any other ice cream brand available makes the Ben & Jerry Non-Dairy pints a definite must-have in your plant-based freezer.

Kettle Brand Chips Jalapeno

While not every flavor of Kettle Brand Chips are okay for a plant-based diet, the Jalapeno flavor is easily the best. The taste is reminiscent of a Sour Cream and Onion but it has a bit more of a zing; a bit more of an underlying heat to it while still having a lot of herbal tones. The extra crispy punch from being kettle-cooked give them that great snap and crunch when biting into them without feeling overly fried. These chips stand above the rest as one of the best snacks for nearly any occasion, and being free of animal products makes them work for plant-based eaters as well.


While many people can’t believe it at first, Oreo cookies, maybe the single best known branded cookie in the world doesn’t use any animal products. Despite the fact that Oreos are known for their creme filling, the original flavored Oreo doesn’t actually use any cream, or any milk or animal products in it whatsoever. So what’s the creme made out of then? While it’s still a secret recipe, the ingredients on the packaging lead us to believe it’s a combination of high-fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin and palm oil as the main ingredients, with a vanilla flavoring for taste. Not all of the many flavor varieties of Oreo are plant-based so be sure to check the specific ingredients if you’re getting something other than Original or Double Stuf.

It’s not a good idea to only eat snack foods, but if you are trying to make the change to a plant-based or vegan diet, having these options available will make it easier to maintain the diet overall. With the holidays and the new year approaching, many people who make the switch will become frustrated at the perceived lack of options available with their new lifestyle. Having even just a few of the snack foods above as options allow new plant-based dieters to still enjoy snack foods while maintaining their new diet.


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