Meal prepping is the practice of preparing multiple entire meals well before planned consumption. For example, someone might make all of their dinners for an entire week every Sunday. In recent years meal prepping has become popular among those interested in fitness and healthy living. But what are the reasons for practicing meal prepping? As it turns out, meal prepping has some significant advantages. Here are the three big ones:

  1. Money saved. Many people eat out for almost every meal. Unfortunately, dining out isn’t exactly economical. Even fast food is more expensive than what you can make at home with groceries. Sadly, it’s common for individuals to spend a large portion of their income eating out. Of course, eating out does have the advantage of convenience. Meal prepping solves that issue by ensuring meals are already on hand at home. This makes it easier to resist the impulse to eat out.
  2. A healthier diet. Half the reason so many people consume terrible diets is that unhealthy food is the easy choice. Meal prepping is all about asserting greater control over the food you consume. Think of meal prepping as an aid to self-discipline. By pre-planning your meals, you can exert greater control over your diet. Meal preppers can choose precisely what they want to eat for the entire week. Less self-discipline is required since the decision to eat nutritiously is made just once, rather than at every meal.
  3. More free time. Probably the biggest reason people try meal prepping is that it saves a ton of time. Rather than spending time each day of the week preparing meals, the entire process is telescoped into just one day. While it can take hours to create food for a whole week, meal prepping is still much more efficient than cooking daily. This opens more time for relaxation, hobbies, taking care of household chores, or whatever else you might need to get done.

Meal prepping obviously isn’t for everyone. Many people enjoy making meals. Others prefer a more spontaneous, unplanned approach to their food. But it would be silly to claim that meal prepping has nothing going for it. If any of the advantages of meal prepping seem valuable to you, consider giving meal prepping a try.


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