There’s nothing wrong with drinking alcohol. Drinking can certainly play a part in a healthy life. At the same time, giving up alcohol consumption has its advantages. Here are six powerful reasons you should consider stopping drinking.

  1. Drinking costs a lot. Consuming alcohol means you’ll be spending more than you would otherwise. Aside from the fact that alcohol is often expensive (especially at bars), alcohol isn’t something your body needs. Unlike necessary spending such as food or transportation, drinking is always an expense you could do without. Giving up drinking is thus an extremely easy way to save.
  2. Better sleep. While alcohol is popularly thought to be a sleep aid, the reality is the opposite. Scientific research has proven that alcohol disturbs sleep, significantly worsening sleep quality. Since bad sleep increases stress and many people rely on alcohol to reduce stress, a vicious cycle can be formed. If you struggle to consistently get a good night’s sleep, cutting out alcohol is a great idea.
  3. Alcohol is empty calories. While alcohol can be part of an overall healthy diet, it is nutritionally worthless. Drinking means you are taking in extra calories, but not extra nutrients. Consuming empty calories makes it harder to maintain or reach a healthy weight. You’ll certainly be healthier if you don’t drink alcohol.
  4. Alcohol is bad for your body. Unfortunately, drinking has a host of negative health effects. Alcohol is terrible for the liver, especially if consumed in large quantities or over a long period. Liver disease can result. Alcohol is a diuretic, which can lead to dehydration. Healthy, glowing skin depends upon good hydration. The heart is also weakened by alcohol; drinking can increase blood pressure and raise risk of heart failure. Finally, alcohol can lead to kidney disease.
  5. Drinking can be habit forming. Everyone knows that alcohol is potentially dangerous. And yet, many people ruin their lives through alcoholism every year. Even if you are not in danger of becoming an alcoholic, drinking can still represent an unhealthy way of coping with life’s challenges. Using alcohol as a means of relieving stress, alleviating boredom, or dealing with deeper psychological issues is sadly all too common. Addressing your problems in this manner is not psychologically healthy.
  6. Better decision-making. Alcohol reduces inhibitions. This effect is not exactly a good thing in most circumstances. Decisions made under the influence of alcohol are much more likely to be reckless, poorly considered, and downright dangerous. Among the worst-case scenarios of alcohol-influenced decision-making are driving while drunk and getting in fights. Drinking can also trigger the sort of ill-considered words that damage relationships.

There’s no definite rule on whether drinking alcohol is a good idea or not. For some people drinking is fine while for others it is a terrible idea. What is true is that being aware of the advantages of abstaining from alcohol is a good thing.


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